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Tram Safety


There are a number of things that you can do to make your tram journey safer and more secure.

Before your journey it is recommended that you top up your myki.

Safety starts before you even get to the tram stop. Please listen and watch for traffic and trams. For your safety, the use of personal headphones is not recommended.

Waiting for the tram

  • Always stand behind the line marking.
  • Do not lean against the safety railing at platform or roadside stops.
  • Never lean or walk out into the path of oncoming trams or traffic.
  • There can be many routes travelling through the one stop.
  • Check the destination board on the oncoming tram and if it is your tram give the driver a wave to ensure you’re visible.
  • Before boarding have your myki ready to validate.
  • Be aware of the red stop signs on the doors that signal mo- torists to stop for passengers getting on and off the tram.

Getting on safely

  • When boarding from a kerbside stop, wait for all traffic to stop completely before you walk out onto the road to board the tram.
  • Please wait for passengers get off the tram before you board at any tram stop.
  • When boarding use the hand- rails to steady yourself when the tram moves.
  • Never bring food or drink on board a tram. Keep your hands free so that you can steady yourself.

On board

  • Remember to hold onto the handrails. The tram may move off without you realising it, so be prepared or you may lose your balance.
  • Stay clear of the doorways once you have validated your myki.
  • When seated, place any bags on your lap.
  • Please offer your seat to elderly people, pregnant women and people who are mobility im- paired.
  • If a seat is not available, move to  an empty part of the tram, using the handrails to steady yourself.
  • Do not obstruct the doors when they are closing. If you need the doors reopened, attract the attention of the driver.

When standing on a tram

  • Place schoolbags, shopping bags or briefcases on the floor between your feet.
  • Allow other passengers room to move around you if they need to get off the tram.
  • Always have something to hold on to as the tram may have to brake suddenly.

Getting off safely

  • Please provide the driver with plenty of notice for your stop by using the stop cord or button.
  • Never use your body, arms or hands to obstruct the tram doors while they are closing. If you miss your stop please inform the driver to ensure they allow the necessary time for you to disembark at the next stop. Reopening doors is at the drivers discretion.
  • When getting off the tram always watch your step and check for traffic.
  • Once you are off the tram, stay within the safety zone until the road is clear and it’s safe to cross.
  • Never walk out behind a tram to cross tram tracks as you may not see trams coming in the opposite direction.

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