Message from Her Excellency, The Honourable Linda Dessau AM, Governor of Victoria

Victoria Police Legacy, of which I am honoured to be Patron-in-Chief, continues its invaluable support and service to the community through this, its rst ever Child Safety Handbook.

A thorough and informative resource for us all, this handbook reminds us of the attention we should pay to both the obvious and the less obvious safety hazards that face the children around us.

The thoughtfully designed material shows us not only how to prevent risky situations, but also how to act when threats or dangerous situations do present themselves.

To those who have collated the valuable information within this book, and to Victoria Police Legacy, I offer my congratulations and appreciation for the production of a ne resource for everyone involved in the care of children.

The Honourable Linda Dessau AM
Governor of Victoria

Message from The Minister for Police The Hon. Lisa Neville MP

Children today live in an environment characterised by opportunity and change. This environment can be an incredibly rewarding one. But it can also present new challenges and risks. We all have a responsibility to keep children safe and well, and give them the best possible start in life. The Child Safety Handbook provides all of us—parents, carers and the community—with valuable information to help do just that.

The handbook covers a wide range of safety risks and provides practical, clear advice about preventing and responding to harmful situations in all the places that children live, learn and play.

As parents, teachers, carers and community members, it is important to keep our knowledge up to date, to help children of all ages to thrive in a rapidly changing world. In particular, I welcome the inclusion of information about cyber safety.

Congratulations to Victoria Police Legacy and all the contributors for producing such a useful and timely resource for the Victorian community.

The Hon. Lisa Neville MP
Minister for Police Victoria

Message from The Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton AM

The world is an exciting place for children to explore. We all want our children to enjoy a happy and nurturing childhood, and to develop a sense of confidence to engage and participate in the community.

Nowadays more than ever, our children are exposed to a range of influences from an early age, and it’s essential that we have the tools to keep them safe and protect them from harm.

This handbook provides a great range of tips for parents and communities, to engage with children and prevent harm before it occurs. It’s important that we talk to children about their safety, and encourage them to speak up if something doesn’t seem quite right.

I would particularly encourage parents to read the advice about online safety, and take the time to familiarise themselves with the virtual environments popular amongst young people. Knowledge is the best tool we have in understanding how to engage safely online and reduce risks.

I support the work of Victoria Police Legacy in developing this handbook, and offer the ongoing commitment of Victoria Police to ensuring child safety.

Graham Ashton AM
Chief Commissioner of Victoria


Police Legacy Chairman

Victoria Police Legacy is honoured to provide the Child Safety Handbook to parents of primary school children throughout the State. This free handbook has attained an outstanding reputation as an invaluable resource guide for parents to help educate their children about key health and safety issues that confront them.

This is the second Child Safety Handbook Victoria Police Legacy has published and it gives me great pleasure that we can provide this updated and outstanding reference guide.

Victoria Police Legacy supports the children and families of deceased Police and Protective Service Of cers across Victoria.

I would like to extend our gratitude to the organisations whose advertising in this handbook has made it possible to produce the Child Safety Handbook.

Stephen Cooper
Victoria Police Legacy